Thirty years after the Mazda MX-5's launch, owners explain why it remains the world's favourite sports car. This is a 5-part series where we will be sharing the interviews of five separate MX-5 owners from across the world and their thoughts on this advanced sports car.

Toshi Deki's Mazda MX-5

  • Model: NC
  • Produced: 2008
  • Owned since: 2019
  • MX-5 highlight: "I drove the NC from LA to the Grand Canyon, on to Sedona then to Las Vegas. The scenery was magnificent and I was struck by the sheer scale of planet Earth."


A leading member of a Japanese NC fan club, Toshi Deki says the social element of MX-5 ownership is as important as the drive.

For car consultant and racing driver Toshihiro Deki, the obsession with wheels started from birth. "My dad got his driving licence around the time I was born, so I grew up with the thrill of hearing and feeling the engine and smelling the exhaust. By age two I could look at a car with a cover on it and know what it was, and got into racing watching it on TV."

As an adult, Toshihiro, known simply as Toshi, bought a first-generation Eunos Roadster as soon as it was released. "It captured my imagination like no other car ever has," he says. He has since owned several variations, including an NB TD-1001R and an NC TCR 2000, both modified models he helped build and sell. Now, in addition to the limited-edition M2 1001, he owns an NC RHT and declares its reliability, safety and consistency of performance 'perfect'.

It's the MX-5's simple design, satisfying engine power and smooth handling that have long kept Toshi hooked. "It was clearly developed by people who really know what's important in a lightweight sports car," he explains. "The tuning is key, too; the Roadster has such great straight-line stability for a small car," he adds. Toshi wears many hats at his company D-Technique as driving instructor, writer and consultant, but he's also a representative of the NC Roadster Fan Club of Tokyo and organises its annual meet-up at the Hakone Turnpike.

"Roadster owners are all easy to talk to and instantly become friends," he reflects. "They don't just boast about their own car, they enjoy the car together. I think it's the Roadster's character that inspires them to be like that."


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Source: Mazda