Thirty years after the Mazda MX-5's launch, owners explain why it remains the world's favourite sports car. This is a 5-part series where we will be sharing the interviews of five separate MX-5 owners from across the world and their thoughts on this advanced sports car.

Dan Trent's Mazda MX-5

  • Model: Eunos NA
  • Produced: 1993
  • Owned since: 2011
  • MX-5 highlight: "A summer Scottish road trip with friends in roadsters taking in loads of epic roads, chatting round the campfire and sleeping by the beach. It's what the MX-5 was made for."

Caroline Schwaller's Mazda MX-5

  • Model: ND
  • Produced: 2015
  • Owned since: 2015
  • MX-5 highlight: “The track day with Dan was terrifying at first but I ended up amazed at how fast my little Mazda could go round corners – it was a real eye-opener and has helped me enjoy the car even more!”


UK car journalist Dan Trent would take his MX-5 over high-powered exotica any day of the week - and his mum is a convert as well.

Freelance motoring journalist Dan Trent has a job any car fan would dream of. Dan, who is based in West Yorkshire, tests some of the most exciting cars for magazines across the globe. But when it came to putting his own money into a car, there was only one option. "One Christmas I received a bit of a windfall, with strict orders not to spend it on a car," he recalls. "But one of my brothers had previously spent his student loan on an MX-5 and my other brother has one too. So there was only one thing for it ..."

Within days Dan had bought a 1993 Eunos Roadster, an imported Japanese market version of the original MX-5. He's owned it for eight years now. "I'm lucky enough to drive all sorts of exotic machines for my work," he says. "But the Eunos will always be special; first because it's mine, but also because it puts a bigger smile on my face than any supercar."

Dan's mother, Caroline, has been an inspiration, too. She celebrated retiring and becoming a grandmother by buying herself a brand-new Soul Red 1.5 Sport Nav. "I was on a Mazda event in Japan the weekend the car launched in the UK," says Dan. "My mum had been acting strangely before I flew out, and I found out why when a text arrived with a picture of her collecting a brand-new MX-5 on the very day it launched in the UK. I was actually with a delegation of Mazda board members and they were over the moon when I showed them the photo. And my kids think she's the coolest granny in town."

Dan's even convinced his mother to test her Mazda's limits on a track day, an experience they shared at Anglesey Circuit in Wales. "There's no doubt where I inherited my need for speed from, or my impulsive car-buying habits."


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Source: Mazda