Heading up the beach in your 4x4 gives you an amazing sense of freedom, and gives you the opportunity to explore exciting and unspoilt parts of the coastline.

There are, however, things you need to consider and carry with you in case you get in any trouble. Getting stuck, washed away or causing damage to your car can put a massive damper on any trip, so here are a few of the essentials you should have in the car when you (and your mates) decide to head up the beach in your 4x4 on the weekend.

  • Traction Aids or a Shovel

At some stage, sooner or later, you're going to get stuck in the sand. When it happens, you're going to feel a huge wave of relief knowing you have traction aids or at least a shovel that can help you get out. Rookies often make the mistake of trying to drive out of a hole, which most often only makes things worse. While digging yourself out of the situation might take a bit of time and effort, at least you know it works.

  • Tyre Pump & Gauge

Just before you hit the sand, you will want to deflate your tyres. This is because you want as much tyre surface on the sand as possible distributing the weight of the vehicle. Once your beach fun is over and you hit the bitumen again, remember to pump your tyres up again to the correct PSI. A tyre gauge is often overlooked but it's really handy as sand can easily get caught in your tyre value, causing your tyres to deflate as you're driving home.

  • Glare is NOT your Friend

Last but not least, having a good quality pair of sunglasses is vital when hitting the sand in your 4x4. Glare and sun are bright enough, but reflections on the sand can be really tricky to avoid. When the sun is high in the sky it can be extremely difficult to spot washout and erosion ditches in the sand in front of you. The last thing you want to start or end your getaway with is hitting any kind of pothole in the sand. Not only can it be really dangerous for not just your car and suspension, but for you and anyone else in the car.

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Image: WhichCar Australia